Educational Credential Assessment for Immigration Purposes

Before you apply

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) requires that if you apply to certain economic immigration programs, you will need an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) of educational credentials you received outside of Canada. CIC uses this assessment to validate your foreign educational credentials and to determine how they compare to completed Canadian credentials.

Assessment process

IQAS does not evaluate Trades Training or occupational/professional qualifications and evaluates only formal academic/technical education.

If you are applying as a Physician/Specialist Physician (NOC 3111 or 3112) and intend to pursue licensure you must be assessed by the Medical Council of Canada. If you are applying as a Pharmacist (NOC 3131) and intend to pursue licensure, you must have an assessment from the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada. For more information about the process, refer to the CIC website.

IQAS does not assess academic credentials from Afghanistan because information is not readily available to validate credentials.

Please note that an assessment does not guarantee a job or success in your application for immigration. It also does not mean that your professional credentials are automatically recognized or will be recognized for licensure in Canada. If you work in a regulated profession, you must still go through the process of getting your license in the province or territory that you plan on settling in.

Learn more about regulated occupations in Alberta

Visit the CIC website for more information on Canadian Immigration and Express Entry.

Required documents

Review CIC Education Factors to determine which diploma/degree certificate(s) you want IQAS to assess. If you have a completed post-secondary credential, in most cases you do not need to submit secondary school credentials.

IQAS requires a complete application package to process your assessment. This should include:

  • Copies of your completed diploma/degree certificate(s) (IQAS will not assess incomplete or provisional academic credentials).
  • Academic transcripts/mark sheets mailed directly to IQAS by the issuing institution.
  • The signed application form.
  • Translations of all educational documents if they are not in English.
  • Proof of name (a copy of a government issued identity document) and if your current name is different from the name on the academic credentials, proof of name change (for example a copy of marriage certificate).

Please note that if your credentials are from the People’s Republic of China you must have a China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) validation sent directly to the IQAS office. For non-university credentials, you may choose to arrange for credential authenticity reports to be sent directly to IQAS by the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC).

Please use the Documents Request Form to request that the issuing institution sends your transcripts/statement of marks directly to IQAS. When filling out the Documents Request Form you will need to use the IQAS reference number. The reference number is generated when you complete the IQAS application and can be found at the bottom left corner of the application form.


  • Application fee: $200
  • Courier fees: to an address in Canada: $15; to an address outside of Canada: $75

Complete the IQAS checklist

Complete the checklist to ensure you include all the necessary documents with your IQAS application. Print and mail the completed checklist with your application.

IQAS ECA Checklist

Ready to apply

The current processing time for an ECA application is approximately ten business days (this does not include weekends and statutory holidays) after all required documents and payments are received. Assessment of some applications may take longer if extensive research is required. Mail delivery time is not calculated in the processing time. Please note that processing time may vary based on the volume of applications received.

Before you fill out the online application form please ensure you have:

  • copies of your academic documents ready to mail
  • arranged for your transcripts to be mailed to IQAS from your educational institution
  • your credit/debit card accessible to pay the required fees

Please complete the entire application form accurately. Once completed, the filled-out application will be emailed to you in PDF format. Review your application form, print it, sign it, and then mail it to IQAS.

In order to better protect your personal information, payments are being processed online through TD Merchant Services. You can make an online payment using: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Visa Debit, or Interac. Payment may also be made by bank draft or money order, but it will delay processing your file as our office will need to confirm your payment has cleared before proceeding.

ECA Application form

After you apply

You will receive a confirmation email after your package is received by IQAS. This email will confirm:

  • receipt of your application package
  • your file number

Note: Please do not phone the office to confirm if IQAS received your package. Instead, use the courier or registered mail tracking number you were given when shipping your application package.

If IQAS requires any additional documents or information, you will be contacted by email, phone or written letter. IQAS does not provide rush assessments. Applications are processed in the order they are received.

If IQAS is unable to complete the assessment due to insufficient documentation or an unrecognized institution, you will be contacted and a partial refund will be provided. Refunds will not be provided when documents appear to be altered, tampered with, forged or a false translation is provided.

When your assessment is completed:

  • your ECA report will be sent to you by courier
  • you will receive an email with the registered mail tracking number

It is your responsibility to update changes to your address by contacting the IQAS office. You can do so by mailing or faxing the completed change of address form to the IQAS office.

Change of address

If your address changes before your IQAS assessment is completed please fill out the change of address form to inform IQAS of your new address. Please mail or fax the form to the IQAS office.

Change of Address Form

Additional information

  • Working in your Occupation – Foreign qualification recognition is a complex process and may involve more than just an assessment of your education. This link will provide you with the information that will help you begin your career planning.
  • IQAS Assessment process
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