How to apply

How to apply

Follow these steps to apply for FQR Innovation Fund Project Grants.


Important dates

There are no open calls for proposals at this time.

When funding is available, the FQR Unit will launch a call for proposals. Check back here for updates.

Step 1. Check your eligibility

Review the eligibility criteria to determine if you qualify for this grant.

Step 2. Download the proposal template

When the next call for proposals opens, visit this page to download the Innovation Fund Project Grant Application Guidelines.

Step 3. Complete your application

Based on the application guidelines, prepare an 8-10 page project proposal that details:

  • qualifications of project team members
  • project plan (timeline, budget, required resources, a sustainability plan)
  • intended outcomes and how these will be measured

Step 4. Gather your documents

  • cover page
  • project proposal
  • additional documents, if required

Step 5. Send in application

By the closing date, email your application as a Microsoft Word attachment to:

Step 6. After you apply

Stage 1: Initial screening

  • the Grants Review Committee reviews all proposals and creates a shortlist
  • the Committee contacts shortlisted applicants; they may ask applicants to send additional project details

Stage 2: Presentations by shortlisted applications

  • shortlisted applicants may be asked to meet with the Committee on an arranged date to present their proposals

Stage 3: Final decision

  • the Committee and senior Ministry officials make a final decision on projects to be awarded grants

For more information

At any stage during the application process, you can contact the FQR Unit with questions or to discuss project concepts and get advice.

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