To apply for an Innovative Projects Grant, applicant organizations and projects must meet the following guidelines.

Eligible applicants

To qualify for this grant, your organization must:

  • be an established non-profit organization or community group, public educational institution or registered company
  • be financially sound; able to manage financial and human resources
  • have demonstrated organizational capacity and the ability to undertake the project
  • have a minimum of 2 years’ experience as an ESL provider OR 2 years’ experience in area of expertise AND a demonstrated partnership that brings the necessary ESL expertise

Multiple applicants

Partnerships are strongly encouraged, particularly when projects would benefit from having multiple areas of expertise.

Collaborative projects will be given priority in the grant review process.

For projects involving a partnership, the applying organization:

  • must meet all the eligibility criteria listed above
  • must be the fiscal agent
  • should have the lead role in planning the project scope, timeline and deliverables
  • should lead the project coordination
  • will be accountable for all project deliverables and reporting requirements

Partner organizations:

  • will have a role in planning the scope, timeline, and / or deliverables of the project
  • should not seek financial gain as the primary benefit of being a partner

A contractor who will be hired to execute a specific task, or component of the project is not considered a partner organization.

Eligible projects

Eligible projects must:

  • be time-limited (i.e. not lead to a need for on-going funding support from Language Training Programs) to a maximum of 2 years
  • fit the priority area identified in the Call for Proposals
  • address at least one of the immediate outcomes identified
  • include a Measurement Plan

To avoid duplication when applying for a grant, see previously funded projects.

Modified: 2017-05-17
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