International Education Guides

The International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) developed the International Education Guides as an information resource for educational institutions, employers and professional licensing bodies. The guides will help to facilitate and streamline the decisions that organizations need to make regarding the recognition of international credentials.

The International Education Guides provide current and comprehensive profiles of the educational systems in other countries and how credentials from these countries compare to educational standards in Canada. The placement recommendations contained in the guides are based on extensive research and well documented standards and criteria. This research project, a first within Canada, is based upon a broad range of international resources and the considerable expertise within the IQAS program.

Organizations can use these guides to make accurate and efficient decisions regarding the recognition of international credentials:

  • Employers who need to know whether an applicant with international credentials meets the educational requirement for the job, and how to obtain information on comparing the applicant’s credentials to educational standards in Alberta and Canada.
  • Educational institutions that need to make a decision about whether a prospective student meets the education requirements for admission will find accurate and reliable information about an educational system in another country in the International Education Guides.
  • Professional licensing bodies that need to know whether an applicant meets the educational standards for licensing bodies can use these guides as a resource to make informed and accurate decisions.

The International Education Guides include: a country overview, historical educational overview, description of school education, higher education, professional / technical / vocational education, teacher education, grading scale(s), documentation for educational credentials and a bibliography.

The guides also include credential templates that provide detailed information on educational credentials awarded upon completion of programs of study. The credential templates include the following information: the credential’s official name, the standardized English translation, alternative names, the time period the credential was offered, the issuing body, admission requirements into the program, descriptive program information, summary of how the credential is viewed in other parts of the world and recommendations on how the credential compares to educational standards in Alberta/Canada.


Federal Republic of Nigeria

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

People's Republic of China

Republic of Colombia

Republic of India

Republic of Korea

Republic of Poland

Republic of the Philippines

The Former USSR and the Russian Federation

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

United States of America

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