Temporary Foreign Workers

The Temporary Foreign Worker Advisory Office and Temporary Foreign Worker Helpline will help you learn about your rights and find solutions for situations involving unfair, unsafe or unhealthy working conditions.

Advisory offices are located in Calgary and Edmonton. Both offices are located on public transportation routes for easy access. Temporary foreign workers can contact an advisory office by calling or by visiting in person.

Once your needs are assessed, services provided by the Advisory Office may include:

  • Providing assistance in accessing and completing forms.
  • Assisting in submitting a complaint.
  • Providing you with current information on available federal and provincial programs.
  • Working with immigrant-serving agencies across the province to assist you with adapting to living and working in Alberta.

Allegations of mistreatment are taken very seriously and all complaints from temporary foreign workers are referred for investigation.

Booklets and brochures are available for workers and employers by clicking on the links below:

To contact the Temporary Foreign Worker Advisory Office (Monday to Friday)

South Location – Calgary
6th floor, John J. Bowlen Building
620-7th Avenue SW
Calgary AB T2P 0Y8
Telephone: 403‑476‑4540

North Location – Edmonton
3rd floor, City Centre
10242-105 Street
Edmonton AB T5J 3L5
Telephone: 780‑644‑2584

Email: jstl.tfwao@gov.ab.ca

Edmonton Temporary Foreign Worker Advisory Office

Office Relocation Notice

Effective Thursday, March 24, 2016, this office will move to:

New Location: Main Floor, Sterling Place
9940-106 Street

Our current office will remain open until March 23, 2016

Email: Jstl.tfwao@gov.ab.ca
Telephone: 780-644-2584

To contact either office call the Temporary Foreign Worker Helpline toll-free throughout most of the world at 1‑877‑944‑9955, with the following exceptions:

  • China (North): 108007141500
  • China (South): 108001401372
  • Mexico: 0018005145713
  • Philippines: 18001110151
  • Thailand: 0018001562045713

For information, support and referrals, visit Temporary Foreign Worker Support Services.

Modified: 2016-03-14
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