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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 22 Safeguards

Section 321 Toe boards

Toe boards are intended to prevent tools and materials from being dislodged from the edge of an elevated platform and falling on persons below. The maximum 6 millimetre gap allowed between the walking or working surface and the bottom of the toe board is new to the requirement for toe boards.

Without a maximum gap height, toe boards could be installed that would fail to prevent tools and materials from falling from elevated platforms. This new 6 millimetre requirement does not apply retroactively to toe boards already in place.

Toe boards must be installed around pits in which rotating machinery operates and in which workers may be working. The toe boards prevent objects from falling into rotating machinery and becoming projectiles capable of injuring workers (see Figure 22.23).

Figure 22.23 Toe boards at perimeter of machinery pit