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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 7 Emergency Preparedness and Response

Section 118 Equipment

The employer is responsible for providing proper personal protective clothing and equipment to workers assigned to perform the related emergency response activities. The equipment must meet the requirements of the OHS Code and must be appropriate for dealing with the potential hazards when the workers respond to related emergencies.

Designated rescue and emergency workers are exempt from the fall protection requirements of Part 9 (see section 138). Workers involved in the training and provision of emergency rescue services are permitted to use fall protection equipment and practices other than those specified in Part 9. The exemption is intended to provide rescue personnel with the flexibility to use their specialized skills, knowledge and training to safely perform their tasks.

Example of an emergency response plan

Figure 7.1 presents an example of an emergency response plan for a typical office-type workplace. A more complex emergency response plan is often needed at industrial settings.

Additional information about emergency preparedness and response can be found in the following documents:

CSA Standard CAN/CSA-Z731-03 (R2009), Emergency Preparedness and Response
CSA Standard Z1600-08, Emergency management and business continuity programs
How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations
(OSHA Publication 3088, revised in 2001)

Figure 7.1 Example of an Emergency Response Plan – A & B Insurance Co.

Potential emergencies (based on hazard assessment) The following are identified potential emergencies:
  • Fire
Emergency procedures In the event of a fire occurring within or affecting the work site, the Fire Warden (or deputy) makes the following decisions and ensures the appropriate key steps are taken:
  • advise all personnel
  • pull the fire alarm to alert the nearest fire station and initiate all fire alarms within the building
  • evacuate all persons to a safe point in the staff parking lot and account for everyone including visitors and clients
Location of emergency equipment Emergency equipment is located at:
  • Fire Alarm
    1 – at the reception desk
    1 – by the back door
  • Fire Extinguisher
    1 – in the office hallway
  • Fire Hose
    1 – in the office hallway next to the fire extinguisher
  • Panic Alarm Button
    1 – at the main reception desk under the computer
Workers trained in the use of emergency equipment (1) Smokey Bear
(2) Joe Smith
(3) _____________________
(4) _____________________
Emergency response training requirements Type of Training
  • Use of fire extinguishers
  • Practice fire drills
  • Orientation and annually
  • At the call of building management
Location and use of emergency facilities The nearest emergency services are located at:
  • Fire station: 10 Fire Street – 2 blocks east
  • Ambulance: 40 Sun Street – 10 blocks south
  • Police: 1 Police Plaza – 20 blocks west
  • Hospital: 101 Hospital Avenue – 4 blocks east
  • Other:
Fire protection requirements
  • Sprinkler systems are located in all rooms at the work site.
Alarm and emergency communication requirements
  • Pulling the fire alarm automatically alerts the fire department and initiates an alarm within the building
  • The fire alarm signal is intermittent sharp beeps
First aid First aid supplies are located at:
  • Type No. 1 First Aid Kit at the main reception desk
  • Blankets in the storage room

First Aiders are:

  • Will B. Safe (Standard First Aider)
  • Sun Shine (Emergency First Aider)

Transportation for ill or injured workers is by ambulance. Call 911

Procedures for rescue and evacuation In case of fire:
  • Advise all personnel
  • Pull the fire alarm
  • Evacuate all persons to a safe point in the staff parking lot and account for everyone including visitors and clients
  • Assist ill or injured workers to evacuate the building
  • Provide first aid to injured workers if required
  • Call 911 to arrange for transportation of ill or injured workers to the nearest health care facility if required
Designated rescue and evacuation workers The following workers are trained in rescue and evacuation:
  • Smokey Bear (Fire Warden)
  • Joe Smith (Deputy Fire Warden)
  • Will B. Safe (Standard First Aider)
  • Sun Shine (Emergency First Aider)
Completed on: ________________________
Signed: _____________________________