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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 9 Fall Protection

Section 161 Control zones

(1) If a control zone is used, an employer must ensure that it

(a) is only used if a worker can fall from a surface that has a slope of no more than 4 degrees towards an unguarded edge or that slopes inwardly away from an unguarded edge, and

(b) is not less than 2 metres wide when measured from the unguarded edge.

(2) An employer must not use a control zone to protect workers from falling from a skeletal structure that is a work area.

(3) If a worker will at all times remain further from the unguarded edge than the width of the control zone, no other fall protection system need be used.

(4) Despite section 139, a worker is not required to use a fall protection system when crossing the control zone to enter or leave the work area.

(5) When crossing a control zone referred to in subsections (3) and (4), to get to or from the unguarded edge, a worker must follow the most direct route.

(6) An employer must ensure that a control zone is clearly marked with an effective raised warning line or other equally effective method if a worker is working within 2 metres of the control zone.

(7) An employer must ensure that a worker who has to work within a control zone

(a) uses a travel restraint system, or

(b) an equally effective means that prevents the worker from getting to the unguarded edge.

(8) A worker who is not directly required for the work at hand must not be inside a control zone.