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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 40 Utility Workers – Electrical

Section 799 Protective devices or equipment

  1. An employer must ensure that a protective device and protective equipment required by this Part meets the requirements of the following applicable standards:

    1. CAN/ULC-60832-99, Insulating Poles (Insulating Sticks) and Universal Tool Attachments (Fitting) for Live Workings;

    2. CAN/ULC-D60855-00, Live Working – Insulating Foam-Filled Tubes and Solid Rods for Live Working;

    3. CAN/ULC-60895-04, Live Working – Conductive Clothing for Use at Nominal Voltage Up to 800 kV A.C. and +/- 600 kV D.C.;

    4. CAN/ULC-60900-99, Hand Tools for Live Working up to 1000 V a.c. and 1500 V d.c.;

    5. CAN/ULC-60903-04, Live Working – Gloves of Insulating Materials;

    6. CAN/ULC-D60984-00, Sleeves of Insulating Material for Live Working;

    7. CAN/ULC-D61112-01, Blankets of Insulating Material for Electrical Purposes;

    8. CAN/ULC-D61229-00, Rigid Protective Covers for Live Working on a.c. Installations;

    9. CAN/ULC-61236-99, Saddles, Pole Clamps (Stick Clamps) and Accessories for Live Working;

    10. CAN/CSA-C225-00, Vehicle-Mounted Aerial Devices.

  2. Subsection (1) applies only to new protective devices and protective equipment put into service as of the effective date of this Code.

  3. A laboratory that performs electrical insulating materials testing to the standards listed in subsection (1) must meet the requirements of ASTM Standard D2865-06, Standard Practice for Calibration of Standards and Equipment for Electrical Insulating Materials Testing.