OHS Code

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 40 Utility Workers – Electrical

Section 804 Work on energized electrical equipment or lines

  1. If work is performed on energized electrical equipment or lines, an employer must ensure that

    1. a minimum of 2 qualified utility employees are used to perform the work and an additional utility employee is at ground level,

    2. aerial devices are equipped with both upper and lower controls, and

    3. if an aerial device is used to perform the work, either an additional utility employee qualified to operate the lower controls is present at the work site at ground level or the utility employee already at the work site is qualified to operate the lower controls.

  2. Despite subsection (1), subsections (1)(a) and (1)(c) do not apply if

    1. a professional engineer certifies that an alternative live line work procedure provides adequate utility employee protection,

    2. the live line work on the electrical equipment or lines is performed by one qualified utility employee, and

    3. a second qualified utility employee is present at the work site at ground level.

  3. Subsections (1) and (2) do not apply to

    1. switching work,

    2. fuse replacement work,

    3. phasing work,

    4. measuring clearances with live line tools,

    5. power quality measurements with live line tools, and

    6. emergency situations in which in order to protect life or property, a qualified utility employee performs work to eliminate the electrical hazards.