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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 15 Managing the Control of Hazardous Energy

Section 215.3 Returing to operation

(1) A person must not remove a personal lock or other securing device unless

(a) the person is the worker who installed it,

(b) the person is the designated worker under section 215(3) or section 215.1(3)(c), or

(c) the person is acting in accordance with the procedures required under section 215.2

(2) Despite subsection (1), in an emergency or if the worker who installed a lock or other securing device is not available, a worker designated by the employer may remove the lock or other securing device in accordance with a procedure that includes verifying that no worker will be in danger due to the removal.

(3) An employer must ensure that securing devices are not removed until

(a) each involved worker is accounted for,

(b) any personal locks placed by workers under sections 214, 215(4) or 215.1(4) are removed,

(c) procedures are implemented to verify that no worker is in danger before a worker under section 214(1), designated under section 215(3), designated under section 215.1(3)(c), or in accordance with procedures under section 215.2 removes the securing devices and the machinery, equipment, powered mobile equipment, piping, pipeline or process system is returned to operation.

(4) An employer must ensure that each involved worker follows the procedures under subsection (3)(c).