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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 37 Oil and Gas Wells

Section 751 Competent supervisor

(1) An employer must appoint a supervisor to supervise an exploration, drilling, servicing, snubbing, testing or production operation.

(2) An employer must ensure the supervisor is competent in each of the following that is within the supervisor’s area of responsibility:

(a) safe work practices, including the safe operation of a plant at the work site;

(b) the safe handling, use and storage of hazardous substances;

(c) well control and blow out prevention;

(d) detecting and controlling worker exposure to hydrogen sulphide;

(e) handling, using, maintaining and storing personal protective equipment;

(f) appropriate responses to emergencies at the work site;

(g) the duties and responsibilities of all workers supervised by the supervisor;

(h) training workers supervised by the supervisor in safe work practices and procedures;

(i) health and safety programs.