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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 37 Oil and Gas Wells

Section 780 Well swabbing

(1) This section applies to well swabbing operations.

(2) An employer must ensure that during swabbing operations,

(a) workers anchor auxiliary swabbing units securely against movement,

(b) fluids are piped directly to a battery, skid tank, mobile trailer or tank truck, and

(c) the battery, skid tank, mobile trailer or tank truck is at least 50 metres from the well bore.

(3) An employer must ensure that if fluids are piped to a tank truck during swabbing operations,

(a) the engine of the truck is shut off, and

(b) the driver is not in the cab of the truck while fluids are transferred.

(4) A person must not be in the cab of a truck while fluids are transferred to the truck during swabbing operations.

(5) Repealed.

(6) If workers are well swabbing during darkness, an employer must ensure that

(a) there is auxiliary lighting providing a minimum illumination level of 54 lux measured 500 millimetres above the travel surface,

(b) rig lighting is turned off if it is not designed for use in an explosive atmosphere,

(c) sandline flags are illuminated and acid resistant,

(d) wind direction indicators are illuminated and appropriately located around the site, and

(e) workers use atmospheric monitoring equipment.