OHS Code

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 11 First Aid

Section 179 Location of first aid

An employer and prime contractor must

(a) ensure that first aid services, first aid equipment, supplies and the first aid room required by this Code are

(i) located at or near the work site they are intended to serve, and

(ii) available and accessible during all working hours;

(b) ensure that first aid equipment and supplies are

(i) maintained in a clean, dry and serviceable condition,

(ii) contained in a material that protects the contents from the environment, and

(iii) clearly identified as first aid equipment and supplies;

(c) post, at conspicuous places at the work site, signs indicating the location of first aid services, equipment and supplies or, if posting of signs is not practicable, ensure that each worker knows the location of first aid services, equipment and supplies; and

(d) ensure that an emergency communication system is in place for workers to summon first aid services.