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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 11 First Aid

Section 183 Record of injury or illness

(1) An employer must record every acute illness or injury that occurs at the work site in a record kept for the purpose as soon as practicable after the illness or injury is reported to the employer.

(2) A record under subsection (1) must include the following:

(a) the name of the worker;

(b) the name and qualifications of the person giving first aid;

(c) a description of the illness or injury;

(d) the first aid given to the worker;

(e) the date and time of the illness or injury;

(f) the date and time the illness or injury was reported;

(g) where at the work site the incident occurred;

(h) the work-related cause of the incident, if any.

(3) The employer must retain the records kept under this section for 3 years from the date the incident is recorded.