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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 16 Noise Exposure

Section 221 Noise management program

(1) If a noise exposure assessment confirms that workers are exposed to excess noise at a work site, the employer must develop and implement a noise management program that includes policies and procedures.

(2) The employer must ensure that the noise management program includes the following:

(a) a plan to educate workers in the hazards of exposure to excess noise and train workers in the correct use of control measures and hearing protection;

(b) the methods and procedures to be used when measuring or monitoring worker exposure to noise;

(c) the posting of suitable warning signs in any work area where the noise level exceeds 85 dBA;

(d) the methods of noise control to be used;

(e) the selection, use and maintenance of hearing protection devices to be worn by workers;

(f) requirements for audiometric testing and the maintenance of test records;

(g) an annual review of the policies and procedures to address

(i) the effectiveness of the education and training plan,

(ii) the need for further noise measurement, and

(iii) the adequacy of noise control measures.

(3) A worker who is subject to noise management must cooperate with the employer in implementing the policies and procedures.