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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 33 Explosives

Section 515 Avalanche control

(1) This section applies to blasting used to control avalanches.

(2) Despite section 481, during avalanche control activities involving the hand deployment of explosive charges,

(a) a blaster may prime charges away from the blasting site, and

(b) may prime more than one charge at a time.

(3) An employer must ensure that charges are primed by a blaster during avalanche control activities

(a) as close to the control route as possible, and

(b) in a safe, sheltered location from which the public are excluded.

(4) An employer and a blaster must ensure that a worker does not carry primed charges and their pull-wire fuse lighters in the same container.

(5) A blaster must ensure that the pull-wire fuse lighter is not connected to the safety fuse assembly of a primed charge until immediately before the charge is placed.