OHS Code

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 34 Forestry

Section 525 Traffic safety

(1) An employer must ensure that bridges, elevated platforms and other structures used by vehicles transporting workers, logs or other forest products in forestry operations are constructed and maintained to permit safe transit.

(2) If 2 or more vehicles may simultaneously use a section of road that is too narrow to permit them to pass each other, an employer must ensure that a traffic control system is installed on the road.

(3) A traffic control system under subsection (2) must use

(a) turnouts if they are necessary for safety,

(b) warning signs at locations where they are needed, and

(c) instructional signs giving

(i) the kilometre markings,

(ii) the road names or number markings, and

(iii) the radio frequency, if any, used for traffic control.

(4) The traffic control system under subsection (2) must require vehicles to operate with their headlights turned on at all times.