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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 34 Forestry

Section 518 Felling and bucking

(1) Before a tree is felled, a faller must ensure that there is a clear path of retreat and sufficient space to work for the faller and the faller’s trainee, if any.

(2) An employer must ensure that workers, except a hand faller and the hand faller’s trainee, if any, remain a distance of not less than twice the height of the tallest tree away from the immediate area in which the felling is taking place.

(3) If a self-propelled mechanized feller is operating, an employer must ensure that workers remain at least the minimum distance prescribed by the manufacturer of the feller away from the immediate area in which felling is taking place.

(4) A worker cutting timber must

(a) fall or remove snags and trees that create a danger to workers as the cutting progresses,

(b) when felling a tree, make a correct notch not less than 1/4 and not more than 1/3 of the diameter of the tree at the butt,

(c) ensure that the undercut is complete and cleaned out,

(d) leave sufficient uncut wood in the felling cut to control the direction in which the tree falls,

(e) not work on hillsides immediately below another worker if skidding, sliding or rolling trees or logs may be dangerous,

(f) carry and use wedges for hand felling, and

(g) closely trim logs before they are put onto a truck, log deck or rollway.

(5) A worker who is bucking must

(a) take measures to protect other workers from the movement of trees during bucking,

(b) clear away all brush and other objects that may catch the saw before starting the bucking, and

(c) work on the upper side of logs lying on inclines.

(6) An employer must ensure that a worker complies with subsections (4) and (5).