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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 6 Cranes, Hoists and Lifting Devices

Section 59 Application

(1) This Part applies to lifting devices, including cranes and hoists, with a rated load capacity of 2000 kilograms or more.

(1.1) This Part does not apply to drawworks on equipment that is subject to Part 37.

(2) Sections 60 to 74 apply to roofer’s hoists regardless of their rated load capacity.

(2.1) A hoist may only be used for vertical lifting or lowering if it complies with this Part and is designed and manufactured for vertical lifting or lowering.

(3) Despite subsection (2), sections 63, 64(4) and 65 do not apply to roofer’s hoists.

(4) Despite subsection (1), an employer must ensure that a lifting device with a rated load capacity of less than 2000 kilograms has the rated load capacity of the equipment shown on the equipment.