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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 19 Powered Mobile Equipment

Section 267 Warning signal

(1) An employer must ensure that, if a powered mobile equipment operator’s view of the equipment’s path of travel is obstructed or cannot be seen directly or indirectly in a direction, the powered mobile equipment has

(a) an automatic audible warning device that

(i) activates if the equipment controls are positioned to move the equipment in that direction, and

(ii) is audible above the ambient noise level,

(b) a warning device or method appropriate to the hazards of the work site, or

(c) an automatic system that stops the equipment if a worker is in its path.

(2) If it is impractical to equip powered mobile equipment in accordance with subsection (1), the operator must ensure that the operator and other workers are protected from injury before moving the equipment by

(a) doing a visual inspection on foot of the area into which the equipment will move,

(b) following the directions of a traffic control or warning system, or

(c) getting directions from a designated signaller or other worker who

(i) has an unobstructed view of the area into which the equipment will move, or

(ii) is stationed in a safe position in continuous view of the operator, or

(d) ensuring all other workers are removed from the area into which the equipment will move.