OHS Code

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 18 Personal Protective Equipment

Section 251 Equipment for immediate danger

If an employer determines under section 244 that breathing conditions at a work site are or may become immediately dangerous to life or health, the employer must ensure that a worker wears self-contained breathing apparatus or an air line respirator that

(a) is of a type that will maintain positive pressure in the face piece,

(b) has a capacity of at least 30 minutes unless the employer’s hazard assessment indicates the need for a greater capacity,

(c) provides full face protection in situations where contaminants may irritate or damage the eyes,

(d) in the case of an air line respirator, is fitted with an auxiliary supply of respirable air of sufficient quantity to enable the worker to escape from the area in an emergency, and

(e) in the case of a self-contained breathing apparatus, has an alarm warning of low pressure.