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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 647 Detonating cord

(1) A surface mine blaster must ensure that, if drill holes are being primed, detonating cord

(a) is cut from the reel and the reel moved away before other explosives are loaded,

(b) extends at least 1 metre from the hole in the case of holes that are 3 metres or more deep, and

(c) is drawn taut and made secure at the top of the hole.

(2) A surface mine blaster must ensure that inserting detonating cords, loading the hole and stemming is as continuous an operation as practically possible.

(3) A surface mine blaster must ensure that

(a) no splices in the detonating cord are inserted within a blast hole,

(b) detonating cords are not coupled to a trunk line, to a charged hole or to a delay or relay until final blast preparation,

(c) the main or trunk line splices

(i) are tight square knots, or

(ii) are spliced by another method acceptable to the manufacturer,

(d) the trunk lines are free from kinks or coils when laid out,

(e) main or trunk lines are not laid out from a moving vehicle unless

(i) the surface mine blaster is in attendance at the rear of the vehicle, or

(ii) the vehicle is moving at idle speed,

(f) all connections in the line, other than splices, are tight and at right angles,

(g) detonators are not attached to the detonating cord until everything else is ready for blast initiation, and

(h) the detonator is attached to the detonating cord by a method acceptable to the manufacturer.