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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 631 General duties

(1) An employer and a mine blaster must ensure that

(a) the blasting operation and related activities are performed safely,

(b) all primers are made up at the blast area,

(c) only sufficient primers for the number of shots to be fired are made up prior to the loading,

(d) no explosive is forcibly pressed into a hole of insufficient size,

(e) before a charge is fired, explosives not required for the blast are removed from the blast area,

(f) workers who are not required for loading operations are outside the blast area during loading operations, and

(g) the firing lines and lead-in lines required for electric detonation are in good condition.

(2) A mine blaster must supervise, where applicable, the connection of

(a) the detonator to the detonating cord,

(b) the blasting cable to the detonator wires, and

(c) the non-electric lead-in line detonator to the blast pattern.

(3) A mine blaster must, before the blast is fired, ensure that all workers are out of danger from the effects of the blast.

(4) A mine blaster must, before blasting, ensure

(a) entrances and approaches to the blast area are effectively guarded to prevent unauthorized workers entering or remaining in the blast area, and

(b) the guards or equipment guarding the blast area remains in position until the blast area is cleared and work can resume safely.

(5) A mine blaster must give due warning of a blast.

(6) After the blast is fired, a mine blaster must

(a) examine the blast area, including blasting cables affected by the blasting, and

(b) take whatever action is necessary to allow work to be safely resumed.