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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 698 Location

(1) An employer must ensure that interconnected voice communication stations in a mine are located at the following:

(a) the top and bottom of mine shafts and mine tunnel outlets and main hoisting and haulage engines;

(b) main electrical distribution centres, both at the surface and underground;

(c) main pumping stations;

(d) refuge stations;

(e) at the drive of a conveyor belt and, if the conveyor belt is more than 60 metres long, at the tail end of the conveyor belt;

(f) booster fans;

(g) underground garages and repair shops;

(h) a mining section as close as practical to the working face and, in the case of a longwall face, to each end of the working face;

(i) permanently attended surface stations.

(2) The Director may require an employer to locate interconnected voice communication stations in a mine at a place not referred to in subsection (1).