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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 702 Escape ways

(1) The underground coal mine manager must ensure that shafts, tunnels, levels, ladders, stairs and similar installations used as escape ways

(a) are kept free from accumulations of ice and obstructions of every kind, and

(b) have a sign posted where necessary to show the direction to the surface outlet.

(c) are provided with continuous directional guide lines or equivalent devices that are

(i) installed and maintained throughout the entire length of each escapeway,

(ii) made of durable material,

(iii) marked with reflective material every 8 metres,

(iv) located in a manner that allows effective escape,

(v) equipped with directional indicators, signifying the route of escape, and placed at intervals not exceeding 30 metres, and

(vi) securely attached to, and marked to show the location of, any self-contained, self rescuer storage locations in the escapeways.

(d) An underground coal mine manager must ensure that all water is conducted away from stairways.

(e) An employer must ensure that shafts, tunnels and slopes used as escape ways and inclined at more than 30 degrees from horizontal have ladders, walkways or other apparatus that

(i) are designed to allow workers to leave the mine safely,

(ii) are kept in good repair, and

(iii) lead to the mine opening.

(f) An employer must ensure that the airway and travelling road of an escape way is not less than 2 metres high and 2 metres wide.