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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 707 Support system

(1) If an entry or roadway is to be excavated in an underground coal mine, an employer must ensure that a geotechnical analysis of the strata and structures is conducted by a professional engineer to determine the effects of the strata and structures on the entry or roadway excavation.

(2) An employer must ensure that a professional engineer certifies

(a) the support system of the roof and sides of a roadway, and

(b) the dimensions of all support pillars.

(3) The professional engineer referred to in subsection (2) must take into consideration the following:

(a) depth of cover and stratigraphy;

(b) the nature and character of the strata immediately above the roof horizon, the further overlying strata and the floor strata;

(c) the strength characteristics of the roof, sides, floor strata and the coal seam;

(d) the thickness and sequence of bedding planes and other planes of weakness in relation to the application of supports;

(e) the local hydrogeology;

(f) the structural control including faults, synclines, anticlines and other known abnormalities;

(g) the proximity of any surface glacial deposits and their stability;

(h) the possible interaction between underlying and overlying coal seams, mine workings, pillars, aquifers, geological features and the proposed mine workings;

(i) the mining sequence;

(j) with respect to the general roadways layout and related extraction, the possible impact at the surface area and its infrastructure;

(k) the geotechnical analysis referred to in subsection (1), and

(l) the propensity of the coal and surrounding strata for sudden bursts of solids and/or gas.

(4) Nothing in this section prevents a worker setting additional supports if the worker considers them to be necessary for safety.