OHS Regulation

Published Date: October 01, 2013
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Part 1 General

Section 14 Duties of workers

(1) A worker who is not competent to perform work that may endanger the worker or others must not perform the work except under the direct supervision of a worker who is competent to perform the work.

(2) A worker must immediately report to the employer equipment that

(a) is in a condition that will compromise the health or safety of workers using or transporting it,

(b) will not perform the function for which it is intended or was designed,

(c) is not strong enough for its purpose, or

(d) has an obvious defect.

(2.1) A worker who believes that an unsafe or harmful work site condition or act exists or has occurred shall immediately report it to the employer.

(3) If a regulation or an adopted code imposes a duty on a worker,

(a) the duty must be treated as applying to circumstances and things that are within the worker’s area of occupational responsibility, and

(b) the worker must perform that duty.