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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 705 Diesel fuel

(1) An employer must ensure that diesel fuel supplied at a fuel station

(a) meets the requirements of CGSB Standard CAN/CGSB 3.16-99 AMEND, Mining Diesel Fuel, and

(b) is not stored underground in quantities greater than the quantity required for 24 hour’s work unless permission to store more is given by the Director.

(2) An employer must ensure that workers take precautions to prevent the diesel fuel spilling while the fuel tanks are filled.

(3) An employer must ensure that all empty diesel fuel containers are removed from the mine daily.

(4) An underground coal mine manager must ensure that spilled oil and diesel fuel is immediately taken up with a non-flammable absorbent material that is

(a) deposited in a fireproof receptacle, and

(b) removed from the mine at intervals of not more than 3 days.

(5) An employer must ensure that a copy of subsections (1) to (4) is posted in a conspicuous place at an underground fuel station.