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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 662 Transport underground

(1) An employer must ensure that explosives taken underground are

(a) in a secure case or canister with detonators kept separately from the explosives, and

(b) in a quantity sufficient for a working shift.

(2) The Director may exempt an underground mine from subsection (1).

(3) An underground mine blaster must ensure that a case or canister

(a) is kept closed until immediately before the shot hole is charged, and

(b) is closed immediately after the shot hole is charged.

(4) Repealed.

(5) If there are 2 or more cases or canisters containing explosives at a working face because 2 or more workers are working together, the underground mine blaster must ensure the cases or canisters are kept as far apart as reasonably practicable.

(6) A worker carrying electric detonators must not enter a room where lamps or batteries are charged.