OHS Code

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 10 Fire and Explosion Hazards

Section 165 Protective procedures and precautions in hazardous locations

(1) Repealed

(2) Repealed

(3) An employer must ensure that

(a) equipment used in a hazardous location will not ignite the flammable substance, and

(b) static electricity is effectively controlled.

(4) An employer must ensure that, if a work area is determined to be a hazardous location, the boundaries of the hazardous location are

(a) clearly identified to warn workers of the nature of the hazards associated with the presence of the flammable substance in that work area, or

(b) fenced off to prevent workers or equipment entering the area without authorization.

(5) If reasonably practicable, an employer must ensure that procedures and precautionary measures are developed for a hazardous location that will prevent the inadvertent release of

(a) a flammable substance, or

(b) oxygen gas if it can contact a flammable substance.

(6) Despite subsection (5), if it is not reasonably practicable to develop procedures and precautionary measures that will prevent release, an employer must develop procedures and precautionary measures that will prevent an explosive atmosphere from igniting in a hazardous location.