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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 10 Fire and Explosion Hazards

Section 170 Hot taps

(1) An employer must develop procedures in a hot tap plan specific to the type or class of hot tap work being performed before hot tap work begins.

(2) The employer must ensure that the plan includes

(a) a site hazard analysis,

(b) a description of the sequence of events,

(c) safety precautions to address the hazards, and

(d) an emergency response plan.

(3) The employer must ensure that

(a) only competent workers are permitted to carry out a hot tap operation,

(b) the point in the pressure-containing barrier to be hot tapped is checked and strong enough for the hot tap to be done safely,

(c) adequate working space is available at the location of the hot tap,

(d) exit routes are available and their locations known by workers involved in the work,

(e) workers wear appropriate personal protective equipment when a hot tap is performed on equipment containing hydrocarbons, combustible fluids, superheated steam or any other hazardous material,

(f) material being supplied to the equipment being hot tapped can be shut off immediately in an emergency,

(g) the hot tap machine and fittings are of adequate design and capability for the process, conditions, pressure and temperature, and

(h) the pressure in the equipment being hot tapped is as low as practical during the hot tap operation.

(4) An employer must ensure, where reasonably practicable, that a hot tap is not undertaken if at the proposed hot tap location

(a) the equipment contains a harmful substance,

(b) the equipment is in hydrogen service, or

(c) the equipment contains an explosive mixture.