OHS Code

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 5 Confined Spaces

Section 52 Testing the atmosphere

(1) If the hazard assessment identifies a potential atmospheric hazard and a worker is required or authorized by an employer to enter the confined space, the employer must ensure that a competent worker performs a pre-entry atmospheric test of the confined space to

(a) verify that the oxygen content is between 19.5 percent and 23.0 percent by volume, and

(b) identify the amount of toxic, flammable or explosive substance that may be present.

(2) The employer must ensure that the testing required by subsection (1) is performed using calibrated test instruments appropriate for the atmosphere being tested and the instruments are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

(3) The employer must ensure that as often as necessary after the first time a worker enters the confined space, a competent worker

(a) performs the tests specified in subsection (1), and

(b) identifies and records any additional hazards.

(3.1) The employer must ensure that if there is a potential for the atmosphere to change unpredictably after a worker enters the confined space, the atmosphere is continuously monitored in accordance with subsection (2).

(4) If tests identify additional hazards, the employer must deal with the identified hazards in accordance with this Code.

(5) The employer must ensure that the procedures and practices put in place under subsection (4) are included in the code of practice.

(6) The employer must ensure that the results of tests required by this section are recorded.