OHS Regulation

Published Date: October 01, 2013
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Part 3 Mining Operations and Mining Certificates

Section 34 Provisional certificates

(1) A Director of Inspection may grant a provisional certificate to a worker who

(a) applies for a mining certificate under this Part,

(b) is qualified to apply for an examination for that mining certificate, and

(c) satisfies the Director regarding the worker’s knowledge of the Act, the regulations and the relevant portions of the adopted code as they apply to the type of mining certificate applied for.

(2) A provisional certificate

(a) is valid for a period of not more than 18 months from the date of its issue, and

(b) repealed AR 182/2013 s24,

(c) is valid only at the mine specified on the certificate.

(3) A provisional certificate cannot be renewed after the expiry date unless the holder satisfies a Director of Inspection that

(a) the worker is progressing through a course of study to the satisfaction of the Director, or

(b) the worker was unable, because of exceptional circumstances, to be present at the scheduled examination referred to in subsection (1)(b) related to the certification.