OHS Regulation

Published Date: October 01, 2013
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Part 2 Non-mining Blasting Operations and Blasters’ Permits

Section 22 Amendment of permit

(1) A Director of Inspection may amend a blaster’s permit.

(2) If a holder of a blaster’s permit applies to a Director of Inspection to amend the terms of the blaster’s permit to include the experimental use of explosives not otherwise covered by the blaster’s permit, the application must include a description of the experimental use including

(a) the explosive to be used,

(b) the detonator and method of detonation,

(c) details of the transportation, handling, preparation and loading of the explosives and detonators,

(d) the name of the supervisor in charge of the operation,

(e) the name of the blaster, blaster’s permit number and the issuer of the permit, and

(f) any other information a Director of Inspection requires.