OHS Regulation

Published Date: March 31, 2003
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Part 2 Non-mining Blasting Operations and Blasters’ Permits

Section 17 Issuer of blasters permit

(1) A worker who handles, prepares, fires, burns or destroys an explosive must hold a blaster’s permit issued for that specific type of blasting operation as stated on the permit.

(2) A blaster’s permit may be issued by

(a) a Director of Inspection, or

(b) an organization that is authorized by a Director of Inspection.

(3) A worker may apply for a blaster’s permit in a form approved by a Director of Inspection.

(4) An applicant for a blaster’s permit must

(a) have successfully completed a course and examination acceptable to the Director of Inspection,

(b) have qualifications acceptable to the Director of Inspection, or

(c) provide the Director of Inspection with written proof that the applicant

(i) has, within the previous 36 months, at least 6 months experience in handling, preparing, firing, burning or destroying explosives as a blaster or an assistant to a blaster, and

(ii) is, in the opinion of the applicant’s employer, competent to carry out the blasting operation.


(d) satisfy a Director of Inspection that the applicant holds valid and current documentation from an equivalent certifying authority in another jurisdiction of Canada that is a blaster’s permit in that jurisdiction or that is recognized by that Director as the equivalent in that jurisdiction of a blaster’s permit issuable under this section.

(5) A Director of Inspection may issue a blaster’s permit if the applicant

(a) is 18 years of age or older, and

(b) complies with subsection (4).