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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 715 Stoppings

Stoppings are used as barriers in cross cuts between intake and return roadways. They are designed to prevent uncontrolled leakage resulting from the pressure differentials across the stoppings (see Figure 36.23).

Figure 36.23 Stopping for ventilation regulation

To ventilate a mine economically and effectively, areas not in use or not requiring any fresh air are sealed off with suitable stoppings. This prevents the loss and waste of ventilating air and prevents the potential of contaminated air in worked out areas from entering active working areas. Stoppings are also used to control the gob environment and ensure that the active working areas remain safe. If a hazardous condition develops behind stoppings, appropriate remedial measures must be taken. Ready access to the face of stoppings must be maintained at all times for monitoring, control and emergency activities.

In room and pillar mines it is important, as far as practicable, to isolate conveyor roadways. Conveyor systems are susceptible to fire. Using stoppings to isolate them minimizes the potential contamination of air in adjacent intakes or return airways. This provides the maximum opportunity for escape by mine workers.