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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 554 Fire fighting equipment

Subsection 554(1)

Fire fighting equipment must be provided, readily available, maintained in working condition, and accessible without obstruction at any place where a fire hazard may exist in an underground coal mine.

Subsection 554(2)

Fire fighting equipment should not be located in areas in which smoke will accumulate. It is therefore essential that the location of fire fighting equipment take into consideration the direction of air flow from the mine ventilation system. Since the ventilation system could potentially be subjected to a change of air flow direction during an extreme emergency, some contingency planning of additional fire fighting equipment locations would be appropriate.

Subsection 554(3)

To ensure operability, the fire fighting equipment must be inspected once a month by a competent person. Except for fire extinguishers, this equipment must also be tested once every three months to ensure it is in operating condition. The results of this inspection must be recorded in a log book maintained for that purpose.