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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 714 Doors

Subsection 714(1)

Airlock doors prevent the uncontrolled leakage or loss of ventilation air from one roadway (intake air) into another roadway (return air). Airlock doors must be capable of withstanding the pressure differential between the two headings and allow workers, vehicles and materials to pass through. Generally, airlock doors are installed in tandem so that only one door is opened at a time, reducing loss and mixing of air.

Subsection 714(2)

Ventilation engineers design doors to direct or redirect air from one working area to another. Any tampering will cause serious problems with the quality and quantity of the ventilation. As a result, workers are not allowed to leave open any shut door unless properly authorized to do so. The same applies for closing any open door.

Subsection 714(3)

This safety measure of ensuring one door remains closed during an air reversal prevents uncontrolled air leakage and loss of ventilation efficiency.