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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 576 Representative machines

Subsection 576(1)

For rubber-tired, self-propelled mobile equipment that exceeds 32,000 kilograms and that is not covered by ISO Standard 6165, the employer must provide brake performance test results as described in subsection 7.6 of ISO Standard 3450: 1996.

If testing of a prototype unit has not been conducted by the manufacturer prior to delivery, the employer can elect to test a representative unit at the mine site. The unit to be tested must be equipped similar to other units of the same fleet in order to be considered as truly “representative”. The related test course conditions are specified in section 6.0 of the ISO Standard.

Although relevant excerpts from the Standard are provided below, all persons are advised to consult the actual document to confirm the detailed requirements. Note that additional information is provided in the Standard.

From ISO Standard 3450:

The test course shall consist of a hard, dry surface with a well-compacted base. Ground moisture may be present to the extent that is does not adversely affect the braking test.

The course shall not have a slope of more than 3% at right angles to the direction of travel.

The approach to the test course shall be of sufficient length, smoothness and uniformity of slope to ensure the required machine speed is reached before the brakes are actuated.

The test mass of all machines, except dumpers and tractor-scraper, shall be as stated in 3.4 without a payload and at the manufacturer’s specified axle load distribution.

The test mass of dumpers and tractor-scrapers shall be as stated in 3.4 and include a payload.
Brake performance shall be tested from a machine speed, which is the greater of 80% of the maximum level surface machine speed or 32 km/h, it shall be tested at maximum speed. The test speeds shall be within 3 km/h of the required target speeds.
The test course shall have no more than a 1% slope in the direction of travel.

Subsection 576(2)

Test data required for certification of mobile equipment can be obtained from the equipment manufacturer or a professional engineer who can provide similar data by testing a representative unit as prescribed in section 7.6 of ISO Standard 3450: 1996. The components of the representative unit’s braking system must be the same as those in the units intended for use.

The employer must maintain a copy of the brake certification, including the test report specified in clause 8 of ISO Standard 3450: 1996. One copy of the test report must be forwarded to the Director.