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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 655 Storage

Subsection 655(1)

This section deals with the control of explosives within the mine itself. It does not relate to the main explosive storage magazines. According to this subsection, a type 6 magazine or operational storage box can contain only a 24-hour supply of explosive products.

Subsection 655(2)

The minimum storage distance of 8 metres limits the likelihood that one box exploding will damage the other box.

Subsection 655(3)

These magazine standards are mandated by the federal Explosives Act (Canada) and together with requirements for handling, transport and storage, minimize the potential of worker injury.

Subsection 655(4)

Operational storage boxes by size and nature are potentially a security risk. The employer must take steps to minimize the potential hazards of theft and their general use.

The boxes must be locked when not in use. This means that unless the blaster is removing or returning products, the lock must be in place and secured.

Since the risk of unplanned detonation is always present, the operational storage boxes must be located away from the active blasting area, mine operating equipment, railway tracks, travelled roadways and walkways. The storage boxes must also be placed away from electrical power cables.

As with any approved explosive magazine, the operational storage box must be appropriately identified by a sign indicating that it contains explosives.