OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 544 Reporting dangerous occurrences

Subsection 544(1)

Paragraphs 544(1)(a) to (g) list the incidents that require the Director to be notified about as soon as possible after the event. If requested by the Director, an investigation report may have to be submitted to the Director.

The reporting of dangerous occurrences is required for a variety of reasons:
(a) monitoring safety and health conditions at individual mines and throughout the mining industry;
(b) taking appropriate remedial actions if required;
(c) informing other employers to take necessary precautions;
(d) compiling statistics for evaluation and development of action plans;
(e) ensuring the Director is kept informed; and
(f) falling upon the resources of other companies to help resolve problems, if required.

The expectation of this section is that all dangerous occurrences will be reported. Several dangerous occurrences are listed and are typically self explanatory. They include deterioration of underground conditions, ventilation and gases, equipment malfunction or failure, and circumstances requiring the withdrawal of workers from an area of the mine.

Subsection 544(2)

The failure of a containment dam or dike can seriously affect workers and mine facilities. At a minimum, a serious environmental situation will result from the uncontrolled spillage of liquid waste products. For this reason the Director must be notified when any sign of dam or dike deterioration is identified.