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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 40 Utility Workers – Electrical

Explanation of Rules Referenced from the ECUC, Second Edition

Rule 4-062 Authorization to work

Subrule 4-062(1)

Before performing work on electrical equipment or lines, a utility employee must get authorization to do so from the qualified utility employee in charge (QUEIC). This serves as a way of making sure that the utility employee is competent to safely perform the work.

Subrule 4-062(2)

This subrule allows a utility employee to work on electrical equipment and lines without having to get authorization from the QUEIC. The provision only applies if an emergency has occurred and the utility employee must perform the work in order to protect life and property. This provision is limited to tasks that involve working on the system e.g. cutting a line clear to protect another worker’s life – it does not include operating the system. This provision should rarely be used.

Although it is not stated as a requirement, the utility employee must let the QUEIC know what was done and why as soon as possible after the event.