OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 561 Notice to Director

Subsection 561(1)

Notification allows the Director to review the various requirements as a final check and ensure that all safety issues have been satisfactorily addressed. Similarly, it provides an incentive to the employer to review the work from all aspects before informing the Director and requesting permission to energize equipment.

Requirements for underground coal mines or hazardous locations at other mines are very rigorous. Accordingly, the employer is required to inform the Director and obtain permission on each and every electrical modification made. This provision exists because of the hazardous nature of underground coal mines and is similar to provisions in other jurisdictions.

An earlier requirement to notify the Director of power increases in excess of 500 kilovoltamperes has been repealed as out-dated and unnecessary as other provisions of this section are considered to be adequate.

Subsection 561(2)

Written approval from a Director ensures that safety requirements and concerns have been dealt with before electrical installations that are new or have undergone major modifications are energized.

Subsection 561(3)

Schematics that indicate where new electrical energy is to be transmitted and used help clarify the design and conditions of the mine.

The schematics should identify the main mine substation, the power line distribution system, the location of unit substations, major electrical equipment and the respective voltages of the distribution systems and operating equipment.