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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 686 Combined operations

Subsection 686(1)

This section focuses on organizational and management aspects of combined operations and is important because of the impacts one operation can have on the other.

Any of the three parties listed in this section can declare a combined operation, but having made the declaration, this then binds all three parties to specific regulatory requirements for management structures.

Subsection 686(2)

If underground and surface mining operations are declared to be combined operations, the management structure at each mine and the shared management structure must be clearly defined and communicated to avoid any confusion.

The employer of the two operations must select a coordinator for the combined operation. This does not necessarily have to be one of the existing mine managers.

Subsection 686(3)

Each mine must still have its own manager. However, the statutory requirements for a mine manager are extensive and may not leave adequate time for coordinating combined operations. A general manager or a vice-president may be a more appropriate choice for the role of coordinator.