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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 602 Clearances

Subsection 602(1)

The minimum clearance for a rubber-tired vehicle to travel safely beside a conveyor has been set at 2 metres plus the vehicle’s width. The total width required to accommodate the conveyor and a rubber-tired vehicle becomes 2 metres plus the sum of the vehicle’s width, the room for the conveyor, and the clearance on the blind or non-travelling side of the conveyor. Figure 36.17 shows the arrangement and related distances.

For track-guided vehicles, the clearance is reduced to a minimum of 0.3 metres between the conveyor and the vehicle (see Figure 36.18). Since the vehicle is track guided, the likelihood of conveyor contact is much reduced.

The required clearance on the blind side of the conveyor is also 0.3 metres, mainly to provide room for cleaning accumulated dust.

Figure 36.17 Clearances for a conveyor and rubber-tired vehicle

Figure 36.18 Clearance for a conveyor and track-guided vehicle

Subsection 602(2)

This minimum clearance of 0.3 metres between the roof supports and the top of the load on the conveyor provides adequate room for material movement.