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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 740 Breakdown of detector

Subsection 740(1)

This subsection allows a coal cutting machine to continue to operate if its combustible gas detector fails to operate. This exception is available only for the shift during which the gas detector has failed and specifies that manual continuous monitoring must be performed during this period by a competent, authorized worker. At no time during manual monitoring can the flammable gas reading in the operator’s cab exceed 15 percent of the LEL, equivalent to 0.75 % methane. If so, the equipment must be shut down immediately and the area ventilation adjusted to remedy the problem.

Subsection 740(2)

A worker must ensure that a coal cutting machine is not operated on the shift following the shift on which a gas detector ceased to function. If discovered during the pre-shift inspection, the unit must not be operated until the detector is repaired or the requirements of subsection 740(1) are met.