Published Date: July 01, 2009
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What is Included in Search AARC?

Search AARC consists of:

  1. Occupational Health & Safety Act
  2. Occupational Health & Safety Regulation
  3. Occuapation Health & Safety Code
  4. Occupational Health & Safety Code Explaination Guide  

Features of the Manual


  1. The top navigation and the breadcrumb provides access back to the main page of Safe & Fair Workplaces, and the breadcrumb also provides access to the Workplace Health & Safety main page.

  2. The vertical navigation bar on the left has four elements. The navigation bar remains visible as you move around the manual.

    • Browse Documents takes you to the main page of Search AARC.

    • Search Documents takes you to the search feature where you can search for specific content.

    • Help brings you to the page you are viewing now.

    • My Clipboard provides you with a way for printing or e-mailing multiple sections of the Policy to a colleague or client. See the My Clipboard section below to learn more about this tool.

  3. The top navigation bar has five elements. Most of these elements stay visible as you move around in the manual, and are links to the sections within the manual.

    • Select Document: allows you to jump between topics under that Program.

    • Jump to Section/Part: allows you to switch between multiple Sections or a Topic within that Program.

    • Print Section: allows you to print a complete section of the manual.

    • Previous/Next: allows you to advance through the content as if you were reading a paper copy. This is different from the Back and Forward buttons on your browser, which allow you to move back and forward to recently viewed web pages.

  4. Published Date is the date the Policy article becomes effective in the manual.

Main Body of Text

The information at the top of the Policy article contains the program Topic, the Section and/or Sub-sections so that you can go back up a level. At the lowest level is the main body of your Policy article.

In this manual, the content (e.g., policies and procedures) is displayed on one screen and are set up the same way:

  1. Vertical navigation bar on the left
  2. Top navigation bar
  3. Main body of text.

In addition to the content there are four important features on each Policy article page:

  • Bookmark this page adds this Section article to your Browser Favourites – just like an ‘Add to my favourites’ feature.

  • Related Information allows you link to topics or other resources that are related to the current Policy article (e.g., Forms), within the content of the policy.

  • Clipboard icon adds the page you are viewing to your Clipboard for later reference. See My Clipboard below for more information.

How to Find the Information You Need

This policy manual gives you several different ways to find the information you are looking for:

  1. Search for the information you are looking for. See the Search section below to learn more about the search tool.

  2. Browse by heading. This is the traditional ‘drill down’ method for finding content from the main body of the manual, one click at a time.

  3. Favorites. Using your bookmarked Favourites in your internet browser click on the link to go directly to the policy. Over time, you will likely have several favourites stored, so be sure to organize them into logical groupings within your internet browser.

  4. Select Document. Use this function to search by jumping between Topics under that Program.

  5. Jump to Part/Section. Use this function by searching between Sections of a Topic.


Follow these steps to search for content:

  1. Select Search from the navigation bar.
  2. Type a word or phrase you are searching for (e.g., safety ladders) into the Search Terms text box.

  3. Select Detailed or Summary search by clicking the radio button beside those selections. A Detailed Summary provides you with the name of the policy the search term was found in, a link to the web page containing the search term and a brief description of the web page. A Summary search provides you with the name of the document and a link to the web page with no descriptive information.

  4. Select at least one document you want to search through.

  5. Click the Search button to perform the search.

  6. Search results will be returned below the search box.

Tips for Effective Searches (click on this button to have Tips for Effective Searches pop up).

The search function will locate policy documents that contain words entered in the search term box as well as related keywords.

My Clipboard

The Clipboard allows you to print or e-mail multiple sections of the policy to yourself, a colleague, or client.

  1. From Search Results: select the items to add to your clipboard by checking the add to clipboard box within the results shown and then on Update Clipboard to have them added.

  2. From the policy, select the paperclip icon, to Add to my clipboard.

  3. Click on the ‘My Clipboard’ button.

When items are added to your Clipboard the left-hand navigation bar will show you how many items you have placed in your Clipboard. The number of items the Clipboard can contain is limited. Clipboard will be cleared upon closing your browser and will not be available to reference the next time you open your manual.


You can print pages you are viewing without the graphics and navigation elements by clicking on File, Print from the Menu Bar at the top of the screen.

You can also print an entire Section or Sub-section of the manual by clicking the Print Section button.

Acrobat Reader

Some of our documents have been prepared in Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format because it is quick and easy to convert documents to the web, and the software is free and accessible to most computer users. If you do not currently have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC, you will need to visit the Adobe Acrobat website to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Adobe site provides complete download and installation instructions.

Queen’s Printer

Copies of Acts and Regulations on this web site have been reproduced from the official versions.

Copyright of the Statutes and Regulations, whether in print or electronic format, belongs to the Province of Alberta. No person may reproduce copies of Alberta Statutes and Regulations for any purpose without the prior consent of Alberta Queen’s Printer.

The official Statutes and Regulations should be consulted for all purposes of interpreting and applying the law. Official copies of Alberta legislation are available from Alberta Queen’s Printer.