OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 727 Ventilation monitoring

Subsection 727(1)

This subsection addresses the measurement and recording of ventilating air quantities and qualities that must be taken, as a minimum, by an appointed competent worker. Readings include barometric pressure outside the mine and the velocity and quantity of air in airways and accessible old workings in the mine.

Barometric pressure has significant impact on fan performance as well as on the quantity of air circulated through the mine. A rapidly dropping barometric pressure releases flammable gases from exposed coal surfaces and sealed workings into the mine ventilation circuit. Thus measurements must be taken at seals along intake air courses where intake air passes by a seal to ventilate active working sections.

Subsection 727(2)

The places where measurements required in subsection (1) must be taken are clearly described as a minimum.

Subsection 727(3)

The appointed worker taking the measurements must promptly report abnormalities in pressure or air quantity to the underground coal mine manager.

Subsection 727(4)

The measurements required under subsection (1) must be taken at least once a week. This typically involves a complete survey of air quantities throughout the mine.

Subsection 727(5)

If measurements taken under the previous subsections indicate problems, they must be immediately reported to the mine manager for action. Surveys must be repeated if any significant alteration is made to the ventilation system.

Subsection 727(6)

Before any shift commences, atmospheric temperature and pressure measurements must be taken outside the mine.

Subsection 727(7)

All measurements required under this section must be recorded and kept for analysis and inspection by the employer and the Director. A copy of all survey results must be posted at the mine portal so that they are available to all mine workers.