OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 616 Removal from magazine

Subsection 616(1)

Detonators are very sensitive and as such must be kept separate from other explosive accessories like primers and detonating cord. The intention here is to minimize the potential that detonation of the more sensitive explosive could affect other nearby explosive products.

Subsection 616(2)

Non-conductive linings safeguard against electrical currents from static electricity, electrical storms or other similar energy sources. Theft, which sometimes occurs, is minimized by ensuring containers can only be opened by authorized personnel.

Subsection 616(3)

All practicable steps must be taken to prevent explosives from detonating prematurely. The employer must ensure that any explosives in a container are arranged and protected against contact with anything that could cause premature detonation.

Subsection 616(4)

Accidental premature initiation of electric detonators is a significant hazard prevented by shunting leg wires. Documented cases of premature initiation and related worker fatalities are available from international explosives databases. The wires are to be kept shunted until the detonators are ready to be connected to the blasting circuit.